Angry Clemson HC Dabo Swinney Rips FSU To Shreds For Cancelling Game

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney is not happy with FSU.

Over the weekend, FSU canceled their game against Clemson because they weren’t comfortable playing after a Clemson player tested positive for COVID while traveling with the team to Tallahassee.

Via The Athletic

Word that a player who had tested positive made the trip to Florida raised a red flag for Florida State on Friday night, sources told The Athletic. The player had practiced and attended meetings this week and had been on the team plane and bus. He had not tested positive until Friday after traveling, but he had been symptomatic, according to FSU sources.

The fact that the Clemson player plays what FSU deems a “high-risk position” in the trenches raised more concerns, according to sources.

An FSU source pointed out that the program has been diligent in following strict protocols and also didn’t allow players to travel home during the recent idle week. The source added that the Seminoles have gone about two months without any positive COVID-19 tests, dating to coach Mike Norvell’s positive test in mid-September.

While many felt FSU was being reasonable and cautious to not play the game, Swinney thought otherwise.

On Sunday the Clemson head coach went on a tirade blasting FSU for cancelling the game.

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