Antonio Brown Publicly Asks Raiders To Release Him After They Voided His $29 Million Guaranteed

raiders suspending antonio brown

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Just a day after reports indicated that he would not be suspended and would play on Monday night against the Denver Broncos, the Oakland Raiders fined Antonio Brown over $200,000 for conduct detrimental to the team, thus voiding the $29.125 million guaranteed in his contract.

As a result, Brown has taken to Instagram to publicly ask the Raiders to release him. Brown asking the Raiders to release him comes less than 12 hours after he released a movie trailer about himself on Instagram.

“By fining Antonio Brown $215,073.53 last night for conduct detrimental to the team on Sept. 4, the Raiders voided the $29.125 million worth of guaranteed money in his deal, per league sources.

In addition to fining Antonio Brown $215,073.53 for conduct detrimental to the team that voided $29.125 million worth of guaranteed money in his contract, the Raiders sent Brown a letter that he no longer will be entitled to termination pay if they release him, per sources,” ESPN Insider Adam Schefter said.

In his Instagram post asking for his release, Brown uploaded a photo that says: “You are gonna piss a lot of people off when you start doing what’s best for you.”

He also provided the following caption:

And that’s fine! I have worked my whole life to prove that the system is blind to see talent like mines.Now that everyone sees it, they want me to conform to that same system that has failed me all those years. “I’m not mad at anyone. I’m just asking for the freedom to prove them all wrong.” Release me @raiders #NOMore #theyputblindersonahorseforareason #NoMoreFake

At this point, the Raiders releasing Brown is a matter of when, not if, as Brown’s tenure with the team has been nothing short of a drama-filled disaster.

Whether it be the frostbitten feet, the ill-fitting helmet, or the threatening to punch his general manager in the face, Antonio Brown has done nothing with the Raiders other than redefining what it means to be an egomaniacal prima donna wide receiver.


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