Antonio Brown Claims He Has CTE While A Split-Tongued Woman Licks His Finger

antonio brown in crowd performing at rolling loud

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Antonio Brown claimed the other day in a very bizarre video that he has CTE while a woman with a split tongue licks his finger that’s encrusted in diamonds.

That right there might be the most Antonio Brown sentence ever written. And that’s really saying something considering his, umm, “colorful” past.

The video comes following recent reports that he was in danger of being arrested for allegedly missing child support payments and allegedly threatened players with a gun during his problematic ownership of the Albany Empire in the National Arena League

In it, Antonio Brown shows off his left hand encrusted with all sorts of bling to the camera. One his middle finger (like in the photo above), Brown has a sleeve of jewels covering his entire middle finger.

The camera then pans to a blonde woman wearing a bikini top who moves in towards his middle finger and begins licking it with her split tongue.

“She know I got CTE that’s why she licking me………… #LosCiete #Stoic,” AB captioned the video on X.

“#Stoic” is one of Antonio Brown’s go-to hashtags.

Claiming he has CTE is also another one of AB’s go-to moves.

Back in February, Brown claimed during an Instagram live session that his former teammate in Pittsburgh, James Harrison, hit him with an illegal helmet.

“I wanted to tell you guys that I think James Harrison gave me CTE,” Brown said. “James Harrison had an illegal helmet for over 20 years in the NFL. And he hit me one time. And ever since he hit me I’ve been super aggressive. So blame James Harrison for my CTE.”

Then, in August, Antonio Brown tweeted, “My CTE acting up F*** all y’all whoever played on my name.”

Many fans, anytime AB appears to go off the rails, refer back to the 2016 hit he took from Vontaze Burfict during a Wild Card game against the Bengals – a theory that agitates Brown to no end. (Note: he is also wearing his diamond-encrusted middle finger sleeve in this video too.)

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