Antonio Brown Claims He’s Training With Floyd Mayweather Jr. To Prepare For A Potential Fight With Logan Paul

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I started writing things I like to think are entertaining in an attempt to amuse the internet back when I was in college, and after I graduated, I was forced to decide if I wanted to continue down that path or get a “real” job that would actually make my parents proud of me.

I ultimately decided to make them “not mad, just disappointed” when I decided to accept a laughably low-paying job at a newly-founded website in New York City that specialized in generating traffic with low-effort posts designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

It was around this time that Vine became the hottest thing in the internet streets and we were constantly on the hunt for the creators of content with the most potential to go viral and found some in the form of a couple of blonde-haired brothers who’d amassed a solid following thanks to their ability to consistently pump out mildly entertaining six-second videos.

Now, I don’t want to claim I was responsible for propelling Jake and Logan Paul to fame but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t some nights where I grapple with whether or not I helped create the monsters they’d eventually become.

The two siblings have managed to make ungodly amounts of money by successfully taking advantage of the massive number of YouTube viewers willing to overlook the massive amount of evidence that suggests they’re pretty terrible people.

I will admit I have an infinitesimal amount of respect for Logan because he’s one of the few people to get challenged to a fight on the internet and actually throw hands in real life when he stepped into the ring with fellow Famous Internet Person KSI in 2018 in a bout that ended in a draw.

The two of them faced off again last November in a fight that ultimately saw Paul take the L. However, he found himself getting called out by another potential opponent earlier this week in the form of Antonio Brown before firing back because were truly live in the stupidest timeline.

Complex ended up getting ahold of the embattled wide receiver to ask him if he’s actually serious about stepping into the ring with Paul and he confirmed he is and has even recruited the services of Floyd Mayweather Jr. to train him in Sin City:

“Yeah, I’m going to be out in Vegas. If Logan confirms, if he’s serious about it. I don’t want him to be writing checks you can’t cash, you know, you’re coming after me for a couple of months. So I finally just hit him up like, “Hey man, I’ve seen this too much.” He must really want to make this happen.”

It might sound absurd, but Brown is currently listed as the underdog despite being a (former?) professional football player, and while both of these men are absolute clowns, I imagine plenty of people would tune in to watch them try to break each other’s faces for that exact reason.