Antonio Brown Announces He’s Going Back To College At Central Michigan, Here Are The Courses He Enrolled In

Billy Madison/Getty Image Composite

Antonio Brown was fired from his job on Friday and announced that he’ll be leaving his industry all together.

Now, at 31 years young, one of the greatest wide receivers to play the game is without a gig and at a crossroads. Without proficiency in Microsoft Excel and 3-5 years of related industry experience for every entry level job on the goddamn internet, Antonio Brown evidently has come to the realization that a continued education is his best bet to succeed in today’s choosy job market.

Mr. Brown seemingly announced on Instagram Monday that he will be taking courses at Clown College Central Michigan University, the school he attended from 2007 to 2009 and earned back-to-back All-American honors as a punt returner. He is the program’s all-time leader in career receptions (305) and receptions in a season (110).

NESN’s Dakota Randall did some digging to determine the courses Brown has enrolled in. They are as follows:

Technical Writing

Introduction to Management

Death and Dying

Racism and Inequality

Sidenote: College these days provide courses like Death and Dying, instead of useful courses like ‘An Intro To Home Mortgages’ or ‘Credit Cards: Not Really Your Money’ or ‘Hangovers: The Plague of Post-Grads.’ Absolute rubbish.

The internet was super supportive in the embattled Brown making a move to better himself. Just kidding, they mocked him relentlessly.

We will keep you posted on anything and everything Antonio Brown, the student.

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