Society Is Genuinely Perplexed As To How Antonio Brown Isn’t In Jail, Especially Considering He Exposed Himself In Dubai Of All Places

Society Is Perplexed As To How Antonio Brown Isn't In Jail: Tweets

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Over the weekend, former NFL wide receiver and first-ballot Hall of Fame menace Antonio Brown perhaps reached a new low in his increasingly disturbing life as a video of him exposing himself in a public pool in Dubai was obtained and published by the New York Post.

Making the story even stranger is the fact that the incident took place back in May, meaning that the 34-year-old likely avoided jail time in Dubai, which is located in a country that has outlawed things such as homosexuality and public displays of affection.

Knowing how strict some of Dubai’s laws are, many NFL fans were left wondering how Antonio Brown has avoided jail time, whether that be in the Middle East or here in the United States, where he’s equally problematic.

The NFL world is confused about how Antonio Brown has avoided jail time despite exposing himself in a public Dubai pool and a litany of other controversies

“Antonio Brown deserves to be in jail for doing that stupid s**t. What if there was children there?” asked this Twitter user.

“Why isn’t Antonio Brown in jail man? That video is so gross and I can’t believe some of yall are justifying it,” tweeted this Twitter user.

“Is Antonio Brown in jail? Being naked in public in DUBAI of all places seems pretty… illegal? Like extremely illegal base don the little information I have on Dubai?” questioned one Twitter user.

Given Brown’s response to the footage being made public, it’s clear that the former Steeler, Raider, Patriots, and Buc feels absolutely no remorse about what he did in the video.

Brown not only responded to the video of him exposing himself but he also took a seemingly unprovoked shot at Tom Brady by posting a photo on Instagram of him and Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen.

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