This Antonio Brown Tweet Sounds Like Some Shade Towards Jason Pierre-Paul’s Fireworks Accident



Remember last 4th of July when New York Giants defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul risked his NFL career for having the best fireworks display in the neighborhood, subsequently, blowing off part of his hand? It sure doesn’t sound as if Pittsburgh Steelers’ All-World wide receiver Antonio Brown has.

Just look at this suspicious tweet that Brown sent yesterday morning to wish his followers a happy 4th yesterday.



Now, I don’t know why AB would take a shot at JPP—it’s not as if they have a history or anything—but it sure seems as if this is a shot at the Giants defender. Of course, Brown refutes that, tweeting out that he didn’t mean any disrespect or shade.

I mean, sure, Brown has a point by saying that losing a finger while lighting fireworks is a “common injury,” but it just sounds a little too perfect of a jab not to be directed at Pierre-Paul.

With Brown’s Steelers playing JPP’s Giants in the final week of this upcoming season, the wideout might want to pay a little extra attention to where the hard-hitting defender is. Just sayin’.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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