Professional Football Player Who’s Paid $17 Million Per Year Finally Decides He Feels Like Showing Up To Work!

Antonio Brown Workout Involves Him Catching Bricks

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Let me just get this out of the way: I really don’t like Antonio Brown. The modern-day embodiment of the diva wide receiver, Brown is unequivocally an egomaniac whose main concern himself and himself alone.

Here’s how I like to make people understand just how toxic AB is: imagine the Houston Texans wanting to trade away Deandre Hopkins? Or if the Atlanta Falcons wanted to get rid of Julio Jones? That’s what the Steelers did with Antonio Brown — despite his immense, and undeniable talent, Brown was such an issue in the locker room that the Pittsburgh Steelers simply said: “Well, fuck this shit.”

And, to the delight of Steelers fans across the nation, AB has lived up to the negative hype this summer, as the beginning of his tenure with the Oakland Raiders has been nothing short of disastrous.

Whether it be somehow managing to give himself frostbite or threatening to retire because he’s unhappy with the NFL’s league-wide mandated helmet, AB’s first few months with the Raiders have been nothing short of one giant “I told you so.”

Now, after a couple weeks of doing everything he can to turn the Oakland Raiders training camp into the Antonio Brown circus, the mercurial wide receiver — who is paid about $17 million per year — has finally decided that he feels like showing up to work!

According to a tweet from ESPN NFL insider extraordinaire Adam Schefter, Brown — who previously threatened to retire and/or sue the NFL — has finally returned to the Oakland Raiders training facility in Napa, California.

To his credit, though, Brown knows the Oakland Raiders are essentially at his mercy, as they would go from being a bad team to potentially the league’s worst team without his still elite pass-catching services.

All that said, we can’t wait to watch the raging dumpster fire that is the Oakland Raiders this season.