Antonio Brown Teases Yet Another Return To Pro Football

Antonio Brown on the practice field for the New England Patriots.

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Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown is teasing yet another return to pro football on social media. This time, he’s singling out Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots as his presumed landing spot.

This comes after an offseason of conjecture surrounding his future in both the NFL and Arena League.

AB has been directly linked to the Baltimore Ravens, as well as a number of other franchises that have reportedly shown interest. He also had fans believe he would be suiting up for the Albany Empire, the arena football team in which he holds majority ownership, though that never came to fruition either.

Most of that supposed interest has been drummed up by Brown’s camp, which might explain why he’s still on the sidelines in terms of a playing career.

On Monday, AB teased yet another return.

Brown commented on a video of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addressing the media. In that clip, the coach says that “business is boomin’,” a phrase often used by the receiver turned rapper.

Fans aren’t falling for it this time.

Many quickly commented on Antonio Brown’s retweet, shutting down the rumor before it got started.

This person wrote, “Nah, nah, nah, we aren’t doing this again.”

Someone else said, “Dude thinks they forgot what happened last time,” referencing Brown’s last stint in New England.

There are others, however, who wouldn’t mind seeing a return. This fan commented, “I’ll take it if only for entertainment purposes.”

While it would certainly provide drama, an NFL return is unlikely to happen. There is hope if you’re a fan of the Empire as he’s expected to make his debut in the team’s upcoming game against the Jacksonville Sharks.

Most fans probably aren’t going to be holding their breath.