Antonio Brown Shares Negative Scouting Report That Still Motivates Him After Receiving $68 Million Extension


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If you want to succeed in the NFL as a 6th round draft pick, it helps if you have one hell of a chip on your shoulder. That is what Antonio Brown had after he was drafted 195th overall in the 2010 NFL draft. And, it turns out, the negative, pre-draft scouting reports that were written about him still motivate him till this day. Even after he’s achieved massive success and wealth.

After Brown received a $68 million contract extension and became the NFL’s highest paid receiver, he tweeted part of a scouting report that had less than glowing reviews of his talent and potential.

Some people might see that report and lose motivation. They might let someone else’s opinion of them cripple their drive. But maybe being underestimated is the reason Brown is becoming (as one Twitter commenter put it) the Tom Brady of receivers? Now he just needs to catch up with Brady’s ring collection. Good luck.