Antonio Brown Called Out Vince McMahon While Throwing Some More Shade At The XFL

antonio brown shades vince mcmahon xfl

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While all the evidence points to Antonio Brown being ready to make his grand return to football after being cut by the Patriots following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, it doesn’t appear he’ll be suiting up in the NFL at any point in the near future.

Multiple teams have reportedly expressed interest in signing him but the league seems to be taking its sweet damn time investigating the accusations, which led the wide receiver to speculate he’s being blackballed before walking back the claim.

Brown has plenty of time on his hands now that he no longer has a home in the NFL and has dedicated a sizeable chunk of his involuntary sabbatical spending far too much time online—including a 93-tweet spree he treated us to last week in which he addressed seemingly every topic under the sun.

One of those topics was the XFL, which is slated to begin its second inaugural season in the week following this year’s Super Bowl.

Brown made it very clear about how he felt about the league while dismissing the idea of him playing in it.

On Sunday, Brown doubled down when he was asked the same question and decided to fire a shot at Vince McMahon while revealing he’s just a tad pessimistic that the XFL will have any real staying power.

Of course, this is all a moot point when you consider the XFL has made it clear it has no interest in allowing Brown to participate in any capacity but here’s to hoping Vince invites Brown to Smackdown to settle their differences.