Antonio Brown Tweets, Then Deletes, Suggestion That He’s Being Blackballed By NFL Teams

Antonio Brown tweets then deletes a suggestion that he's being blackballed by the NFL

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Antonio Brown continues to be the talk of the NFL, even though he’s currently out of the league and has only played in a single game this season. Of course, most of the chatter around the All-Pro wideout is brought in by himself, with the prima donna craving attention in any ways he can get it to stay relevant, but, hey, that’s just AB being AB.

The latest example of the attention-starved receiver came this morning, when, presumably sitting around doing nothing, Antonio Brown tweeted, then deleted, a suggestion that NFL teams are blackballing him. Take a look below, which was screenshot from a Twitter user before Brown trashed it.

There have been plenty of questions about the state of mind of Antonio Brown given his behavior of the past nine months or so, and, once again, the wide receiver stoops to shallow levels to make us question his mental state again. Is this guy completely F’ed in the brain or something? Does he not understand a single thing that he’s done — or is being accused of — that would make NFL teams shy away from him? The dude just doesn’t get it.

Unlike someone like, say, Colin Kaepernick — who has a legitimate gripe in his claim that NFL teams are blackballing him — Antonio Brown’s just looking for any excuse (and attention). It’s obviously a false narrative, and one that he had a second thought about, but, still, the fact that he even hit “Send” on Twitter for this to show up for even a few seconds is messed up.

There are rumors, maybe some home, and a little speculation that Brown could join a team before the NFL Trade Deadline early next week. Whether or not those claims are true or not won’t be known for a few days. But, given his off-the-field issues — which are serious accusations of sexual assault — as well as his bizarre behavior in his stints with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders and even the New England Patriots in this year alone, no team should be within 10 feet of Antonio Brown, so let him tweet alone until he gets his shit figured out.

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