Antonio Brown’s Sexual Assault Accuser Refiles Lawsuit In Florida State Court, Adds Three New Counts

Antonio Brown Assault Accuser Refiles Lawsuit In Florida State Court

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Antonio Brown’s sexual assault accuser, Britney Taylor, has filed a new lawsuit in Florida State Court to replace her first federal lawsuit..

The initial lawsuit filed by Taylor against the unemployed wide receiver had previously been filed in federal court.

Taylor, who reportedly met with NFL officials for 10 hours in mid-September, accused Brown of three separate incidents of sexual assault and rape in her initial suit.

This new lawsuit tacks on three additional counts including two additional assault complaints and one additional battery complaint.

According to Pro Football Talk

The new complaint includes text messages that Taylor allegedly sent in January 2019 to a group known as #TimesUpNow regarding her claim that Brown raped her. The new complaint also contends that “[s]ince Ms. Taylor’s allegations against Brown were made public, Brown has made or authorized a number of untrue public statements about Ms. Taylor, including the claim that Brown’s assault of Ms. Taylor was part of a consensual sexual relationship.”

The new complaint has some subtle changes as well. For example, the original complaint contends that Taylor, Brown, and a still-unnamed football player (believed to be Ravens receiver Marquise Brown) rode in the same car from a club to Brown’s home, where the alleged rape occurred. The new complaint alleges that Taylor and Antonio Brown rode back to his home in one car, and that Marquise Brown rode in another car.

Brown is also currently embroiled in a different lawsuit over damage to a condo, in which he was reportedly acting like a “belligerent” child during a court deposition.

He is also reportedly still trying to recoup some, if not all, of the $61 million he cost himself with his behavior while a member of the Raiders’ and Patriots’ rosters.

When Brown is done with those lawsuits, he can then get back to focusing on the four other lawsuits reportedly pending against him.