Video Resurfaces Of Antonio Brown Farting Loudly In A Doctor’s Face Before Allegedly Gassing Him Out Of $11,500

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If you’re wondering about the genesis of Antonio Brown’s last name, look no further than his undies.

As serious allegations of sexual misconduct leave Brown’s future in limbo, a Sports Illustrated report has been published to publicize the Patriots’ receiver’s shiesty character.

Sports Illustrated’s Robert Klemko’s report details a previously untold account of sexual misconduct, a charity auction theft, domestic violence incidents, and a laundry list of unpaid debts.

One victim of those unpaid debts is Dr. Victor Prisk, a former gymnast and bodybuilder who runs Prisk Orthopaedics and Wellness (POW) in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

Prisk, an innovative and respected figure in the athletic performance community, claims to have been initially wary about taking on Brown as a client his reputation of being “flighty.” Nonetheless, in August of 2018, Prisk took an initial meeting with Brown, a meeting which the All Pro receiver was three hours late for.

After arriving, Brown loudly and repeatedly farted while the doctor was performing a body fat test inches away.

A video shot by Brown’s assistant was released thereafter, featuring Brown laughing before joking “I had a lot of fiber, bro.”

Prisk told SI of the incident:

“It seemed just childish to me. I’m a doctor and this man is farting in my face.”

(I may be splitting ass hairs here, but what does being a doctor have anything to do with anything? If he were a bus driver would it be any more acceptable to butt burp in his mouth? Don’t be classist with your fart hierarchy, doc.)

Still, for some reason not immediately obvious to me, Prisk took on Brown as a client, creating diets and a supplement program and acting as Brown’s on-call “wellness coach.”

The doctor claims he and Brown had an oral agreement for him to be paid $500 an hour, but when Prisk brought up payment, Brown reportedly changed the subject to how the two could further their business relationship.

“In his very first meeting with me he said, ‘I want to get you on salary, I want you on my team,’” Prisk says. “Then he’s like, ‘We need to build this downtown. POW 2!’ I’m like, O.K., that’s cool. Found a building, had somebody put together a sales agreement for the building. Don’t hear anything back. Then he says, ‘I’m going to connect you with a treadmill company I work with. We’re gonna get you a couple treadmills for your gym.’ AB stops talking to that guy and then I’m told they’re not giving me a treadmill.”

On September 6, Prisk reportedly filed a lawsuit seeking $11,500 from Brown. The results of the suit are still pending.

“He tells you he’s going to make it totally worth your while,” Prisk says. “He’s gonna invest in your business, invest in you. You’re part of my family. Call God and all that. But he doesn’t do that, and he doesn’t even pay the bill.”

Not for nothing, and I’m Team Prisk here, but if a stranger is going to rip ass in your literal face, you probably shouldn’t go into business with him on an “oral agreement” with a business plan centering around a call from God.

“Ya you blew shit particles in my face. And for that reason….”


Check out the entire Sports Illustrated piece here to learn how head injuries can turn a person into a sociopath.

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