Antonio Brown Uses Tom Brady’s Viral Thirst Trap To Promote His Weird New Project

Antonio Brown

Getty Image / Shareif Ziyadat

Antonio Brown has been trolling Tom Brady for quite some time now. From wild posts about Gisele Bundchen to just talking trash about the quarterback.

Meanwhile, Brady just continues living life and doesn’t even acknowledge it. He’s just focused on himself. And that’s especially true after the thirst trap he posted.

Well, now it appears Antonio Brown is using that thirst trap photo to promote his weird no project.

On Tuesday, Brown shared Brady’s thirst trap on his Instagram story. However, he left a link directly to his OnlyFans page.

When did Antonio Brown get on OnlyFans? Actually. You know what? Don’t answer that. I don’t need to know and wish I never knew it existed.

Regardless, here it is in broad daylight on Tom Brady’s face as he’s wearing nothing but underwear.

All of this is incredibly weird. Brown can’t stop trolling Brady and nobody is entirely sure why that’s the case.

What makes it even more wild is that the future Hall of Fame quarterback seems unphased by it all. The fact Antonio Brown continues to troll him and gets no reaction whatsoever is beyond bizarre.

Why keep trolling somebody who doesn’t even give you the time of day to respond? We’re likely never going to know the answer as Brown has been a loose cannon for years now.

Oh well. Now the whole world knows that Antonio Brown has an OnlyFans page and that’s all he’s really wanting in the end. More attention.