Father Of 10 Kids, Antonio Cromartie, Got A Vasectomy. Then Found Out The Hardest Way That It DIDN’T WORK

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A lot of words come to mind when you hear the name Antonio Cromartie: Florida State Seminole… Cornerback… Father… New York Jet… and last but not least.. Full time layer of pipe. You see, Antonio Cromartie’s already fathered 10 children, something he recently made jokes about on Instagram in reference to paying a comical amount of child support. Well, after fathering 10 kids Antonio did the responsible thing and got a vasectomy. Usually this means that his chances of fathering any more children are slim to none, but this is a professional pipe layer we’re talking about here.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Antonio’s wife Terricka dropped the news that she’s now expecting TWINS. Not one kid, SHE’S HAVING TWINS. He got his tubes tide, his balls snipped, he thought he was done with kids forever…and now he’s having a set of twins. Twins that will be his 11th and 12th children…His wife also announced the new on Instagram yesterday after speaking with Us Weekly:

Blessed 👶🏾👶🏾 #cromartietwins

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