Brutal Soccer Fight Gets Out Of Hand When Player Attacks Ref And Referee Responds With Haymaker

by 11 months ago

This Argentinian soccer fight is going viral for all the wrong reasons. Instead of people talking about the incredible footwork of the players, sportsmanship, showmanship, offense, or defense the only thing people are discussing is the insane brawl that breaks out at the 5:05 mark of the video above. I’ve gone ahead and started the video at the 5-minute mark but if it doesn’t start there you can just scroll ahead.

Now, it’s not every day you see a referee throwing punches like that. The ref was just defending himself and it’s despicable that another player would come up behind him and attack him while he was fighting off the initial attack. I don’t know much about Argentinian soccer beyond the National Team and whatever league they used to show on Fox Sports back in the day, but this doesn’t seem to be indicative of the Argentinian soccer culture at all, so don’t blame the whole orchard for one bad apple.

Soccer highlights have been in the news over the past few days. On Tuesday, I brought you bros this clip of the ‘worst flop in sports history’. A display of flopping that’s so horrendous I fear it might’ve set the sport of Soccer back 100 years in America. I saw them showing this deplorable display of flopping this morning on the TODAY Show and now you can rest assured that your grandparents have even seen how shitty flopping can be in Soccer….All that, and now this ridiculous fight? What’s up with this time of year for Soccer? Do the players not handle the shift to warm weather well or something?

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