Pro Soccer Player Gets Carried Off On A Stretcher After He Was Hit In The Face By A Fish Thrown From The Crowd

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One of the oddest scenes you’ll see in professional sports occurred earlier this week. A professional soccer player in Argentina was hit in the face by a fish thrown from the crowd. The fish was apparently tossed by a rival fan sitting in the stands.

The player that was struck is Leandro Fernandez, who plays forward for Independiente. After getting slapped across the face by the sea creature, Fernandez fell to the ground wincing in pain (or embarrassment, or utter shock). He stayed there for some time before being carted off the field.

Take a look.

Just so many questions, here. What kind of fish? Why was that the animal of choice? Who is the thrower?

While the attention is on Fernandez, you’ve got to give some props to the fan in the stands. First off, having both the idea and ability to sneak a fish into the arena is top notch. The fan’s accuracy is impeccable, hitting the bullseye with this Herculean heave.

As you can imagine, the immediate reaction on social media was fantastic.

Sports fans react to this soccer player being hit in the face by a fish

Most had a laugh at the fact that the player needed to be carted off the field after being hit by the fish. Soccer players are known for flopping, and this didn’t appear to be as severe a shot as Fernandez made it seem.

Others noted the skill and accuracy of the fish thrower.

Have to agree on all accounts.

Thankfully, Fernandez dusted off the shot after receiving some brief medical attention. He returned to pitch to finish the match.

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