Would You Eat An Entire Chicken At A Soccer Game? Soccer Fans Debate Atlanta United’s Menu Item

Would You Eat An Entire Chicken At A Soccer Game? Soccer Fans Debate Atlanta United's Menu Item

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  • MLS soccer team Atlanta United are selling a whole ‘drunken Jamaican jerk chicken’ during soccer games and a picture of the menu item has gone viral
  • Fans everywhere agree this is an amazing deal but many are joking about how an entire chicken during a game is the most American food offering there is
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Stadium food is generally pretty homogenous across the United States with every venue offering menu staples like pizza, chicken fingers, burgers, and hot dogs. Then there’s this world of one-upmanship where each stadium tries to pepper in a handful of unique offerings that might pick up headlines and set them apart from the competition. I don’t get the vibe that Atlanta United put this whole chicken on the menu for attention but it’s gone viral either way.

An Atlanta United fan tweeted a picture of a ‘Drunken Jamaican jerk whole chicken with curried collard greens and candied yams’ that apparently sells for just $22. That’s an absolute steal. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta has prided itself on keeping the price of concessions down but this is next level.

A whole chicken from a butcher might run you $15 and here you get it with multiple sides. I’m all-in on this, which seems to be a sentiment held by a lot of Americans. While a lot of soccer fans outside of America are quick to point out that eating a whole a** chicken during a game is American excess at its best. Let’s see what the folks on Twitter are saying…

Soccer Fans Debate Atlanta United Selling Entire Chicken During Games

For context here, Ibrox Stadium is the home of the Rangers Football Club in Glasgow, Scotland.

Me. I do. I eat a whole chicken regardless of whether or not it’s at an Atlanta United game.

Proves what exactly? How does anyone anywhere think that Americans don’t actually care about their teams’ success??

Valid criticism here. It’s hard to celebrate a goal when you’re holding an entire chicken.

To be fair, Atlanta United sits in 7th place and has only scored 17 goals in 11 games so it’s not as if there’s serious concern of getting hit in the head with a celebration chicken.

It is kind of funny that this is being pointed out as the ultimate American sports food when the dish itself has ‘JAMAICAN’ right there in the name.

I said it above and I’ll repeat it again: I’d 100% order the whole drunken Jamaican jerk chicken at an Atlanta United game because it looks delicious. $22 is an absolute steal for that much food. Even if I only at 1/3 of it I’d be happy with my purchase.

Would you order the $22 chicken?