Arkansas Frat Daddy’s Car Is A Trash Talking Masterpiece

Never mind the fact that the Arkansas Razorbacks football team is 14-23 since 2012, and are a perennial punching bag for every other SEC football team, this frat daddy from Arkansas is displaying his school pride for the whole world to see.

What makes this mural of haterade so spectacular? Aside from the effectiveness of the upside down logos as a classy and understated way to dump on your rivals, the fact that for ONCE a fan of an SEC team isn’t mindlessly supporting every other team in the conference due to some made up ‘SEC Pride’, and instead he’s acting like a true fan and throwing up middle fingers to every team that isn’t his own. That’s what makes this trash talking jeep a masterpiece.

Gone are the days when once your school loses some games and gets knocked out of contention, you resort to finding any and every fault in the teams that beat you. It seems now when SEC teams lose to Alabama, Auburn, or LSU they almost wear that loss as a badge of pride. They want the whole world to see their quality loss, and how even though they get their asses whooped on the gridiron they hung in for sixty seconds of the game, and managed to make one big play down the stretch. Nobody talks about the fact that by definition, losing to a team makes you big fat loser. Instead the focus is shifted to ‘isn’t the SEC just so swell!’, and people gloss over the fact that 5 of the top 20 teams with the most NFL draft picks in the past decade came from the ACC.

This Beta Upsilon Chi brother from the University of Arkansas should be celebrated for finally taking a stand against this ‘SEC! SEC! SEC’ malarkey! So what if this homage to the Razorbacks was borne from a place of sour grapes, the fact that he’s throwing up the middle finger to each of his school’s rivals should be respected. At the same time, he missed a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to at least sort the schools by SEC East and SEC West, but what can you expect when over 10% of the population in Arkansas can’t even read!

And for all you dumbasses who drank the SEC Kool-Aid and think there’s some connection between your losing program and the other losing programs, keep in mind that it’s currently been 836 DAYS SINCE AN SEC SCHOOL HAS WON A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. And assuming some SEC football team manages to squeak their way to the national championship next year, which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY, the streak will be up to 1099 days.

This jeep being driven by a soon-to-be infamous frat daddy from Arkansas was spotted yesterday morning in Fayetteville, Arkansas by redditor pagetherage.

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