A’s Fans Troll The Couple Caught Engaging In An Inappropriate Act With Hilariously ‘Punny’ Signs

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Over the weekend, baseball fans saw one of the more unexpected, inappropriate incidents you’ll ever seen in a live sports setting. While the Oakland A’s battled the Mariners in Sunday afternoon action, a couple was seen engaging in what appeared to be lewd acts.

The alleged misconduct was filmed from across the stadium, and it could result in a jail sentence for those involved.

With the video going viral on social media, it’s become a huge storyline across Major League Baseball. On the one hand, it’s absolutely mind blowing to think someone would do something this ludicrous in this age of technology. In midday, no less! Anything and everything can be recorded on a cell phone, no matter the time or place.

On the other hand, how empty does a stadium have to be for this opportunity to even arise?? We know the A’s are bad but there was no one within 25 rows of this raunchy couple.

On Monday, a few Oakland fans decided to go up to the scene of the crime, bringing with them a set of signs used to troll the provocative pair.

A’s fans bring signs to troll the couple that was caught engaging in lewd acts at the Coliseum

A couple of fans brought some signs to still empty deck where the acts were caught. Those signs were used to troll the pair for their racy behavior.

The signs hold hilarious baseball puns, which can also relate to the acts allegedly performed in this obscure corner of the ballpark.

“Keep your head in the game”

“Play balls”

“Don’t blow it”

At least these A’s fans now have something to celebrate. The team is 45-78 on the season and in danger of being relocated. That latest incident could help speed up the process.

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