Asante Samuel Roasts Chris Chambers For Marrying The Stripper Who Was Arrested For Stalking Him

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Asante Samuel Chris Chambers married stalker

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Back in the day it was former NFL wide receiver Chris Chambers’ job to try to torch guys like ex-NFL cornerback Asante Samuel. Now, however, the two of them are both retired and both are currently starring on the VH1 reality TV show Baller Wives and it’s Samuel doing the burning.

Julius Jones and his wife Kelly, as well as Michael Vick and his wife Kijafa also appear on the show.

As you may recall, Baller Wives has already brought us one great moment when former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder destroyed our girl Miko Grimes for being a “loudmouth.”

However, it’s the bizarre relationship of Chambers and his current wife Stacey that is currently causing a commotion on the show. That’s because back in 2009 Stacey, a former stripper, was arrested for stalking Chambers.

“A 27-year-old San Diego woman who had an affair with former Charger Chris Chambers has been charged with 11 misdemeanor counts for allegedly stalking and harassing the wide receiver’s family.

Stacey Bernice Saunders is due in court Jan. 19 for arraignment, said Paul Levikow, a spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office.

Chambers’ wife, Christina, told San Diego police in April that Saunders was harassing her with phone calls. Two months later, Chambers requested a temporary restraining order against Saunders, saying she has “launched an incessant attack verbally on me, and now my wife, her mother and sister.”

So when Stacey Chambers and Jeniva Samuel started to beef both on the show as well as on social media about whether or not Stacey slept with Jeniva’s husband back during his NFL playing days, Asante decided to ramp things up even further by roasting Chris Chambers and his wife on Instagram…

Stacey “Cream” Chamber and for everybody in Miami that remembers who Cream is say I. You left the stripper pole cause the money was to slow and then started petty theft. Keep me and my wife name out your mouth. We don’t worry or care one bit about your miserable ass. My wife is to classy to respond to you but I’m ratchet to get on your level. #ballerwives #staceythestalker #tellyourhusbandstocontrolyall #ifnotohwell

I’m a big dummy, I left my real wife who cared about me to marry this chick in Vegas two days after I divorced my wife now she got me living in a empty house because she don’t want the people to see we staying in the same house as my ex wife. Oh and I had to sell my business because I ran out of money fucking wit my wife. Now I work there. 😂😂😂

When a ratchet ****** want to hang with classy ladies this what you get. 😭😭😭 #whomarriedyouandwhy #nobodylikesyou #exceptforthepeopleyoujustmeet #orpay

This show has most definitely has become must-see TV and it’s only two episodes into its first season. What the hell is going to happen next?

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