A Houston Astros Player Said The Team Used The World Series Trophy As A Beer Funnel

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This year, the Houston Astros fulfilled a prophecy made by Sports Illustrated in 2014 when they clinched the first World Series win in the history of the franchise by beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in a seven-game series (making one very lucky gambler very rich in the process). The team celebrated in a wide variety of ways, with one player proposing to his girlfriend and others taking pop culture artifact Paul Wall up on his offer to hook the entire squad up with 18-carat gold grills.

The players also decided to take part in the sacred ritual of spraying perfectly good champagne (which was thankfully just brut) around a locker room covered in plastic like a murder scene from Dexter, and if George Springer is to be believed, a bunch of people decided to channel their inner frat bro and use the World Series trophy as a beer funnel.

Astros outfielder George Springer recently sat down for an interview with Bleacher Report to talk about life after the World Series (as well as many of his pop culture prefrences) when he revealed how some players had gotten creative with the trophy:

B/R: What was the wildest thing you’ve seen someone do with the trophy?

GS: We made a beer funnel out of it. I watched the guys holding it up, and they poured the champagne on it and they just started to drink it.

Springer also revealed one of his teammates almost dropped the trophy during the Astros victory parade (which may or may not have been an alcohol-fueled incident).

Springer’s admission begs the question: How exactly do you use the World Series trophy as a funnel? After the victory, TMZ posted a video containing a quick clip of players drinking Budweiser as it dripped down the trophy, which would technically make it more of a beer luge than anything.

While the World Series trophy might not be as drinkable as the far superior Stanley Cup or the Claret Jug (which is easily the GOAT of all championship awards to drink out of), you have to give the Astros credit for being creative.

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