Bryan Harsin’s Daughter Responds To Auburn Football Players Calling Out Her Dad On Instagram

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Less than 24 hours after a report surfaced out of Auburn regarding Bryan Harsin’s job security, former and current Tigers are sharing their opinion on their head coach. Harsin’s daughter got involved in the conversation after a group of players went live on Instagram.

On Friday morning, former Auburn defensive tackle Lee Hunter posted an Instagram story that described his experience with the program in 2021. He expressed that leaving the school was difficult, but ultimately alluded to Harsin’s leadership style as a key reason for his departure.

Many former Auburn football players liked Hunter’s post. Former defensive linemen Marquis Robinson and Ian Matthews and former wide receiver Ja’Varrius Johnson were among them. All three players entered the transfer portal during the offseason.

In response, former Auburn safety Smoke Monday offered his thoughts and agreed with Hunter’s assessment.

It is worth noting that players have come out in support of Harsin.

On Friday morning, a group of former Auburn players gathered on Instagram including Monday, Hunter, former linebacker Zakoby McClain, and former wide receiver Kobe Hudson, who is now at UCF. Over 1,700 people joined their Instagram live.

Here are some of the things that were said:

  • Monday: “He’s good, he wants to win, but you also need a coach that can understand where you can from. I came from nothing. He hasn’t had one single conversation with my mother or my father … As a coach, how can you explain that?”
    • In response, Zakoby McClain, Hunter and Monday discussed how Harsin’s culture is all about football all of the time, and not about relationships.
  • Hudson: “If Harsin learned to relate to the people … he’ll be the next Nick Saban, bro, on my mama”
  • Hunter: “Just let us focus on football. This year with him, bruh, you couldn’t have your mind just focused on football … These folks don’t understand, bruh”
  • Hudson: “It’s a dictatorship … He never cared about what we thought, you feel what I’m saying?”
  • Monday: “If y’all can give me a real reason for why Derek Mason left, I’ll be on your side.”

Before the live video ended, Hudson made perhaps the biggest statement of the stream:

“We ain’t saying he’s a bad man. We’re just saying what he can improve on.”

During the Instagram live, Harsin’s daughter Dayn joined the chat. She pushed back on the players who were calling out her father.

Overall, the point of the Instagram live was to let high school recruits know what to expect.

Meanwhile, Harsin himself continues to stand firm and offered a very aggressive response to the allegations.