Auburn Basketball Player Releases Hilarious Low-Budget NIL Advertisement For Jarritos Sodas (Video)

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Name, Image and Likeness is one of the current focal points of college sports. There is a lot of debate back-and-forth about whether X should be legal or Y should be changed and the conversation has largely moved away from what NIL is really about.

Prior to July 1, 2021, college athletes could not receive a single penny of compensation for anything outside of scholarship money. Meanwhile, their talents were being used to profit from their product.

After July 1, 2021, college athletes are able to get paid for things like endorsements and appearances. Although they are still caught in a web of amateurism, they are at least able to get some money.

NIL is a great thing for the athletes and, ultimately, that is what matters. Especially if things are done the “right” way, although the word “right” is too subjective.

Take Zep Jasper for example.

The Auburn basketball guard is known for his lockdown on-ball defense and his ability to take care of the ball. He averaged just over 25 minutes per game last season after transferring from the College of Charleston and plays an important role off of the bench for the Tigers.

Although he is not necessarily a star, “face of the franchise” type player, Jasper is very personable and is cashing-in on his NIL opportunities. He recently signed a deal with Jarritos sodas and dropped an incredible low-budget advertisement on his Instagram.

In the video, Jasper can be seen chilling, enjoying his Jarritos.

The way that Zep Jasper properly pronounces the ‘Jarritos’ name with full enthusiasm is incredible, take a look:

This right here is what NIL is all about. Athletes partnering with companies that they love to do some cross-promotion. All though the terms of Jasper’s deal are undisclosed, he deserves a bag because it was the perfect advertisement. No notes!