Australian Olympians Turned Their Flight Back From Tokyo Into A Vomit Comet After Getting Hammered On The 10-Hour Journey

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  • Australia’s men’s soccer and rugby teams are in hot water for getting a bit too rowdy on their flight back from the Tokyo Olympics
  • The athletes reportedly got hammered on the 10-hour journey and vomited all over the bathroom of the plane
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In the weeks leading up to this year’s Summer Olympics, there was plenty of speculation concerning whether the games would be held at all due to the general state of the world. Thankfully, things have largely gone off without a hitch thanks in part to the many regulations athletes are expected to abide by while in Tokyo.

As a result, most of the competitors who’ve made themselves at home in the Olympic Village haven’t had the chance to partake in the veritable orgy of revelry it’s traditionally home to, and as one group of unidentified athletes learned the hard way, getting caught drinking booze outside of your room is a great way to get the police to pay you a visit and find yourself at the center of an official investigation.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, some Olympians from Australia apparently decided to make up for lost time on their flight back from Japan and have subsequently found themselves in hot water for what unfolded during their 10-hour trek back to their home country. The outlet reports “heavily intoxicated” members of the men’s rugby and soccer teams made life absolutely miserable for their fellow passengers, and that some unidentified athletes belonging to the “loud and obnoxious” crew left one of the bathroom’s covered in vomit.

The worst part is there wasn’t really much reason for either team to celebrate, as the soccer team failed to make it out of their qualifying pool and the rugby squad was eliminated by Fiji in the quarterfinals. Representatives for both teams have accepted full responsibility for the behavior of the players, who could face discipline as a result of the investigations being conducted.

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