A Couple Of Aussie Blokes Reel In A Cod And HOLY S**T What’s In Its Mouth?!?!

Usually when you reel in a fish all you expect to find is your bait. Occasionally when fishing you might find the bait of a previous fisherman inside of a fish’s mouth, and if you keep a fish and fillet it you might find some truly bizarre things inside of the fish’s stomach but that’s stuff that has been digested. What these Aussies bros found inside of this cod’s mouth is easily THE LAST thing I’d ever expect to see when pulling in a fish:

It should be noted that what the Australian Cod in this video is similar to the Grouper and Snapper that we know here in America, and less like the Cod caught throughout the Northeast, and this particular cod was caught near Melville Island in the Tiwi Islands in Australia’s Northern Territory.

On the one hand it shouldn’t be terribly surprising, fish and snakes both inhabit the same bodies of water. But on the other hand snakes are notoriously badass whereas fish tend to live their lives based on self-preservation, so fucking with snakes is very low on the totem pole of fish activities. Yet here we are, with a coupla Aussie blokes pulling a freshly eaten snake out of a cod’s mouth.

Also, and this is completely unrelated, but that video above came from Caters TV Clips and last week (or the week before, I forget) I came across this video of a whale surfacing right in the middle of a harbor in Alaska. I totally forgot to share this footage with you bros and I wanted to make sure you all saw this, because seeing a whale that size in such close proximity of the docks is something I never imagined:

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Giant Potato Cod Image courtesy of Shutterstock.com
(h/t Mirror UK)