Bettor Details Painfully Bad Beat After Coming Oh So Close To Hitting Perfect Score Wager With +8000 Odds

A betting ticket lays beside $100 bills.


One sports bettor went on a roller coaster ride of emotions Tuesday night, and he took his social media followers along with him. The hockey fan placed a perfect score wager on the outcome of the Bruins-Predators game, coming moments away from hitting.

Unfortunately, a painfully bad beat in the final seconds ruined his chances of a payout. Many were quick to comment on the gut-wrenching defeat online.

Boston and Nashville faced off on the ice in a midweek matchup Tuesday, leading this bettor (@tommyguarino/TikTok) to place a score prediction at the sportsbook. He decided that 2-0 felt right.

It’s worth noting that he didn’t say which team would win, just that the final score would be 2-0, one way or the other.

The odds for that bet rested at +8000, meaning his $50 bet could turn a $4,000 profit. And wouldn’t you know, the score would sit at 2-0 with just seconds remaining in play.

Nashville notched a goal late in the second period to take a 1-0 lead. They then hit an empty netter in the final two minutes of regulation to go up 2-0.

As the last few seconds ticked off the clock, it looked as though the score prediction would hold out. Unfortunately, Boston’s David Pastrnak slapped in a goal just before the buzzer sounded. There were three-tenths of a second left on the scoreboard.

The bad beat caused the bettor to post his reaction online.

@tommyguarino Guess this is karma for rooting against the bruins. I’m sick to my stomach. #bostontiktok #massachusetts #massachusettscheck #boston #sportsbettingtiktok ♬ original sound – Tommy Guarino

The Boston fan’s caption read, “Guess this is karma for rooting against the Bruins. I’m sick to my stomach.”

Here’s what he had to say in the video.

“I just had probably the craziest thing happen to me in my whole entire life. I just missed out on $4,000 over an absolute horrible miracle… Let me paint a picture for you. Nashville hits an empty netter and makes it 2-0 with a minute and 20 seconds left.

“They’re bleeding the clock down, I’m counting down in my head… I’m jumping for joy… As I’m jumping for joy, I turn back to my TV and David Pastrnak scores a goal with 0.3 seconds left. Not three… 0.3 seconds… I lost a chance at making $4,000 off of 0.3 seconds.”

Fans quickly commented on the loss with one person simply writing, “PAIN.” Another person said, “I felt this.”

Definitely one of the worst bad beats we’ve seen this year.