Baker Mayfield Says He ‘Wouldn’t Take Back’ Planting Flag In Ohio Stadium, Which He Now Apparently Owns

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baker mayfield planting flag owns ohio stadium

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Consider me firmly on the Baker Mayfield bandwagon. Before the season started I was rather ambivalent about him. Sure he has a very good track record when it comes to football and girlfriends, but what QB1 at a major football school doesn’t?

His getting tackled by the cops after trying to run away before eventually being booked for public intoxication and resisting arrest had me wondering if he would have any future in football after college.

Now, however, I am firmly rooting for him to make to the NFL because, as evidenced by his planting the OU flag right on the Ohio State logo on Saturday, bro has swag for days.

Unfortunately, on Monday Mayfield apologized and as I suspected it was not something that he did voluntarily. At least not according to an interview he did on Tuesday with Rich Eisen.

“I think I actually caught more flack from Oklahoma fans after I apologized than people in Ohio,” recalled Mayfield.

“I mean it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful towards Ohio State…no, I wouldn’t take it back,” he continued. “It was meant to be just for our team and a statement for us.”


You know what else is awesome? Oklahoma fans and Ohio State fans have been waging a war on Wikipedia as to who actually owns Ohio Stadium. In fact, it’s gotten so crazy that even Siri is now officially confused.

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