Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield Face Palms Mia Khalifa After She Tried Flirting With Him On Twitter

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Chad KellyWilson ContraresDuke Williams. And Chad Kelly again. That is just a short list of the athletes who have been shamed by Mia Khalifa for their attempts to woo her. She has even gone as far to say that there is only one dude she has positively responded to via a DM, that lucky fuck remains unnamed.

Well, Mia got a taste of her own medicine on Saturday night when she tried to drum up a conversation with Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield. Mayfield is a likely target for Mia, as he is the talk of college football right now–throwing for 13 touchdowns without and interception on the season and tying Sam Bradford’s Big 12 record by throwing for at least two touchdowns in his 17th consecutive game. But, as one of the most culturally ubiquitous (ex) porn stars on the planet, Khalifa has taken down bigger fish.

Or so she thought (DUN DUN DAHHHH).

Damnnn son. Shutting down a porn star for a college relationship?! That is regrettable 11 out of 10 times. In Baker’s defense, he is dating a looker. Mayfield’s been dating Morgan Mayberry, an Alpha Phi (as clearly stated on her private Twitter account) at Oklahoma, since last year. They are cutesie on social media.


Hey, at least you can save Mia’s come on for the spank bank.

[h/t Oklahoma 247]

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