Fan Body Shames Baron Corbin On Twitter And The WWE Star Responds With Verbal Smackdown About Guy’s Girlfriend

Baron Corbin Stomach


One of most common “issues” with losing a truck shit of weight is the extra skin left over. A person loses a ton of weight and suddenly they’ve got skin curtains hanging off their midsection.

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin (real name Tom Pestock) didn’t lose a massive amount of weight but he has dropped over 50 pounds since his football playing days at Northwest Missouri State University. That’s enough to leave excess skin hanging around above his belt. It’s probably not as noticeable when Corbin is wearing a shirt but his profession calls for large portions of his working day spent in front of a crowd and TV cameras sans shirt.

Corbin’s tummy droops have turned into a running joke in online wrestling forums but all those people are cracking wise between the safety of anonymity and millions of miles of actual space, far from possible Corbin wrath. One fan, however, decided to go right at Corbin and body shame him on Twitter AND TAG HIM in the tweet.

Now, it’s a dick thing to do, but let’s keep in mind the guy has a total of 26 followers. He’s essentially talking to himself and a couple Twitter cock bots.

One person who did see it was, of course, Corbin who came right back at the guy.


That’s harsh Corbin. He’s a wrestling fan. You know he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

[via Cageside Seats]

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