This Baseball Fan Perfectly Encapsulates My Feelings About The ‘The Wave’

by 3 years ago  •  3 Comments

MONDAYS AMIRITE?!?! No, Matt, you’re wrong. It’s Tuesday and you’re two weeks late on rent. Pull your life together you worthless jackass.

This video is perfect.

Fuck the wave. I don’t need to feel solidarity with you people. You are the some ones who nearly make me piss my pants waiting for a urinal, clog up the subways after the game, and give me shitty looks for getting a beer every 8 minutes. I understand that you guys are looking for ways to make an otherwise excruciatingly painful baseball game more bearable, but have you stiffs ever heard of alcohol?? God forbid I don’t get up and wave my hands in the air on your beckoning call, but I have a plate of nachos in my lap and I’m double fisting $14 Bud Lights. I don’t care if I have to spend the entire seventh inning stretch dodging death glares from the soccer moms in section 310, I work too hard blogging about ass and titties everyday to be your puppet.

Cheers to this dude for making a stand. By not making a stand. The Rosa Parks of our generation.

[h/t LADbible]