This Baseball Fan Perfectly Encapsulates My Feelings About The ‘The Wave’

MONDAYS AMIRITE?!?! No, Matt, you’re wrong. It’s Tuesday and you’re two weeks late on rent. Pull your life together you worthless jackass.

This video is perfect.

Fuck the wave. I don’t need to feel solidarity with you people. You are the some ones who nearly make me piss my pants waiting for a urinal, clog up the subways after the game, and give me shitty looks for getting a beer every 8 minutes. I understand that you guys are looking for ways to make an otherwise excruciatingly painful baseball game more bearable, but have you stiffs ever heard of alcohol?? God forbid I don’t get up and wave my hands in the air on your beckoning call, but I have a plate of nachos in my lap and I’m double fisting $14 Bud Lights. I don’t care if I have to spend the entire seventh inning stretch dodging death glares from the soccer moms in section 310, I work too hard blogging about ass and titties everyday to be your puppet.

Cheers to this dude for making a stand. By not making a stand. The Rosa Parks of our generation.

[h/t LADbible]