The First Bat Flip Of The Professional Baseball Season May Have Come In The KBO, But It Was Still Magical

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Professional baseball is being played, people. Sure, it may be taking place on the other side of the globe in South Korea and broadcast here in the United States during ungodly early morning hours, but hats off to the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) for delivering some live sports entertainment.

South Korea has managed to limit the spread of the virus and that is why pro sports are back in action.

On Monday, ESPN announced that it had reached a deal with the organization to broadcast one game per day. The first game took place between the NC Dinos and Samsung Lions on Tuesday morning at 1:00 AM EST and it delivered a rather glorious moment.

During the top of the sixth inning, with NC already up 2-0, Park Sok-min stepped to the plate and sent a moonball over the left-field wall. Mo Chang-min stepped to the plate next and said anything you can do, Sok-min, I can do better and hit a no-doubter for himself complete with a saucy bat flip.

I’m not even sure the ball was out of the infield before Mo Chang-min had already flipped his bat to the ground, it was a rather savage moment. There’s something about doing it in an empty stadium that’s even cooler for some reason, there’s no chance the pitcher didn’t take exception.


No, it’s not the MLB and you probably don’t know one single player in the entire KBO, but a home run is a home run and a bat flip is a bat flip.

If back-to-back dingers and a bat flip like that don’t get your baseball juices flowing, I’m not sure what will.