A Bunch Of Baylor Alumni Took Out A Full Page Ad To Thank Ken Starr For His Tenure Of Covering Up Crimes

Imagine having a teacher in middle school that everyone loved. Said teacher would make the funny jokes that none of the other teachers would, they show rated-R movies in class and don’t give homework on weekends. Students love him, the other teachers want to be him and all the moms want to sleep with him. Then, 10 years after you graduate, it comes out that said teacher has been kidnapping little kids to cut up and eat in his basement. Would you thank said teacher for all the good times you had?

Welp, that’s exactly what a bunch of Baylor alumni did for Ken Starr, the former school president who, as we earlier wrote about, had a hand in coordinating with police and various athletic officials to cover up assault charges, both sexual and otherwise, committed by football players.

Via For The Win:

“At one point, the note thanks Starr for “your exceptional care for students and their well-being.”

Starr stepped down from president and chancellor of the university in the wake of an investigation, commissioned by the school, which found that Baylor failed to sufficiently investigate allegations of sexual assault against students, especially football players.”

On top of this, said supporters even created a website where you can go sign up and show your support.

Thank You Judge Starr

Good shit. That definitely is something we should all be doing. Starr needs all the reminding he can get about how nice he is. Sure, he may have covered up a crime or two, but haven’t we all. When I was little I broke the projector in my 3rd grade class. I took a bunch of the little pieces of broken glass and scattered them on the other side of the room and then was out “sick” for three days. That’s kind of the same thing. And I consider myself a nice person still. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I definitely want people to tell me how great I am despite it.