BCS Update: Computer Says Notre Dame is Still No. 1

[Alabama at No. 1] is unanimous… except for one outlier: The Colley Matrix, one of the six computers that tabulate the BCS rankings,had Notre Dame No. 1 in its final standings, ahead of No. 2 Alabama. The standings that came out after Monday. After the game which the Irish lost by 28 points. To Alabama.

The final rankings had Notre Dame at No. 1 with a score of .973997, ahead of No. 2 Alabama, which came in at .961139.

Fucking nerds. Ruining everything. Here’s the overly complex system that led to this illogical conclusion:

Per the Colley Matrix's abstract, the system follows seven guidelines:
“1. has no bias toward conference, tradition, history, etc., (and, hence, has no pre-season poll)
2. is reproducible,
3. uses a minimum of assumptions,
4. uses no ad hoc adjustments,
5. nonetheless adjusts for strength of schedule,
6. ignores runaway scores, and
7. produces common sense results.”

Can’t wait to forget you, BCS era.

[H/T: USA Today]