Thankfully, Beef The Golfer Has Returned To Our Lives, This Time To Demolish A Cheeseburger With His Driver

As I’m sure many of you remember, Andrew Johnston aka Beef is everybody’s new favorite golfer. And, honestly, if he’s not, he really should be. The dude golfs, parties and fucks. Ok, I can’t confirm the third one, but I’m assuming he does. It’s 2016, people fuck.

Anyway, Beef’s back in our lives. Thank fucking God. This weekend, Beef comes to us from the golf course with his boys. I’m assuming they’re drinking and having a ball off camera, since they also decide to have Beef tee off a cheeseburger. Which he absolutely decimates. Appointment viewing right here, bros. Why would not want to watch this?

Another angle:

Life is Beef’s movie. We’re just extras.

[h/t Busted Coverage]