Behind The Scenes Footage Of UFC 207 Shows The Agony Of Defeat From Ronda Rousey’s Corner After She Was Knocked Out

We’re close to two weeks removed from Ronda Rousey’s long anticipated return to fighting being squandered by a fighter with the charisma of a lamp shade. Amanda Nunes defended her title in convincing fashion, knocking out UFC’s Golden Girl in 48 seconds.

New footage released by the UFC on Tuesday shows reactions from the winners and losers at UFC 207. The Thrill And The Agony series opens with the reaction from Cory Garbrandt, who was unranked at the start of 2016, beating Dominick Cruz, an MMA legend who hadn’t lost a fight since 2007.

The video then transitions to to show Ronda’s sister Maria Burns-Ortiz and mom AnnMaria De Mars looking like they just saw a ghost and they watched their flesh and blood get knocked out in her second straight fight. Rousey’s corner turned raucous real quick, for all the wrong reasons.

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Meanwhile, in the Nunes’ corner.

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When mom made pizza rolls….

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