Cowboys Quarterback Ben DiNucci On His First Career NFL Start: ‘This NFL Thing, It’s Hard’

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For those of you who were able to gather up the strength to power through what was maybe one of the worst games of the season between the Cowboys and Eagles, you know it was a rough night for Dallas quarterback Ben DiNucci. Saying DiNucci was a deer in headlights might be an understatement as the James Madison alum threw for 180 yards while taking four sacks and fumbling twice.

He led a Cowboy team into Philadelphia that looked rather lifeless throughout the entire game. As bad as the night was, DiNucci capped the night off with an all-time great line to the media following the Cowboys’ 23-9 loss. When asked about his first career NFL start, DiNucci did not sugar coat his performance.

“We had a few good drives, got past the 50 and then one thing or another stalled us out,” DiNucci said according to ESPN. “I had two fumbles, had some penalties, some pre snap penalties. That stuff is on me. I’ve got the clean that up. This NFL thing, it’s hard. These teams are good. It’s a battle every single week.”

If DiNucci thought “this NFL thing is hard” just wait how much harder it gets when he likely leads his team against the unbeaten Pittsburgh Steelers next week who are widely recognized around the NFL as one of the best defenses in the league. You can’t help but root for the guy to have some success as the underdog that he is, a third-stringer that probably didn’t expect the two quarterbacks ahead of him on the depth chart to get injured just eight weeks into the season.

Time will tell if quarterback Andy Dalton will be healed in time to start against the Steelers after suffering a concussion. For the time being, however, DiNucci is the starting quarterback of the Cowboys regardless of how hard this whole NFL thing is.