Ja’Marr Chase Told Joe Burrow Not To Play Until Week 5 Of The Season

JaMarr Chase Joe Burrow

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Ja’Marr Chase doubled down on his comments about Joe Burrow not returning until Week 5: “I 100% mean that”, according to FOX19’s Jeremy Rauch.

Original Story:

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase has openly advocated for quarterback Joe Burrow to prioritize his long-term health and potentially delay his return for the upcoming regular season opener.

Burrow is currently sidelined with a calf injury, and Chase’s perspective sheds light on the delicate balance between immediate competition and safeguarding players’ well-being.

Speaking on NFL Network, Chase drew parallels between his own experience and Burrow’s situation, highlighting the wisdom of taking the necessary time to fully recover from injuries.

Chase recalled how he deliberately sat out an extra game last season to ensure his hip was completely healed, he emphasized the significance of preventing potential complications later in the season.

Chase stated, “I told him, in all honesty, I don’t want him there. You don’t want to cause problems later in the season. As long as you’re there after Week Five and on, we’re good, brother.”

Chase’s remarks underscore the importance of a player’s long-term career prospects over short-term victories.

The Bengals’ regular season is set to kick off on September 10 with a matchup against the Cleveland Browns.

With Burrow’s status uncertain, the team might have to rely on backup quarterback Trevor Siemian to lead the offense in Cleveland.

While Siemian is a somewhat capable backup, the absence of the dynamic connection between Burrow and Chase will impact the team’s performance in the season opener.