Cincinnati Bengals’ QB Matt Scott Puked His Guts Out Then Threw A Touchdown

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With the Bengals trailing 34-24 to the Chiefs in the 4th quarter of their preseason opener last night, they handed the ball off to their third string QB, Matt Scott. Despite the low stakes of the game, Scott seemed a bit… nervous. He threw up three things last night – two of them were touchdowns to Bengals receivers, and one of them was his dinner.

Yeah, he puked everywhere on the field before snapping the ball. Such a boss move. I feel like the linemen are gonna be more hesitant to try and sack you when you’re covered in puke. It’s called STRATEGY.

It’d be one thing if he puked and then threw an interception or something. Everyone would just be like “this guy doesn’t have the goods.” But in the same sequence that he puked, he threw a pretty sweet touchdown. In fact, he had the best stats of the night – 7/11 for 66 yards, 2 TDs, and 68 yards rushing. 

This could be his thing. They could brand him as Spewing Scott, and even sell action figures that puke everywhere. With the helmets always on, it’s tough for NFL players to brand themselves, but when you have a great gimmick like puking everywhere, you can really put yourself on the map.

Scott was an undrafted free agent last year, and spent all of 2013 on the Jaguars practice squad, but if he keeps up this “Boot and Rally” schtick, he’s got a big fan in me. I’ll probably draft him to my fantasy team because I think he’ll be good for team morale.

Check out the sick (literally) vid below –


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