Jags Player Bernard Pierce May Have Concussion, Which Probably Explains Why He Blocked For The Wrong Team

After seeing Jacksonville Jaguars special teams player Bernard Pierce blocked for the wrong team during a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the other day—which opened up a hole wide enough for Bucs return man Bobby Rainey to run through for a 58-yard return—many just assumed it was the sucky Jaguars curse getting the best of him.

The play, which caused millions to facepalm and shake their heads, turned even funnier when Pierce couldn’t actually explain why he did it after the game, saying, per AP Sports Reporter Mark Long’s Twitter:


Turns out, though, that it might have actually been a little bit more serious that that.

According to SB Nation site Big Cat Country, Pierce may have had a concussion or, in other words, he probably had no fucking clue where in the hell he actually was.

Here’s what Jags head coach Gus Bradley had to say during a press conference when asked about the play, per Big Cat Country:

“It is. It’s not a good play at all. When I saw it I couldn’t believe it, but I know he’s in the concussion protocol. I know after the game he had concussion symptoms. That’s where I’ll leave it at that, the play itself if you watched it.”

When Bradley had a follow-up question about Pierce suffering a concussion, he said this, per Big Cat Country:

“I don’t know. I imagine so… I mean he’s in the concussion protocol. It’s just unfortunate that he had those symptoms and that play happened.”

So, let me get this straight. The NFL—who says that they’re ahead of the curve in head injuries by establishing a new protocol for woozy players—just allowed a player to be on the field who may or may not have had a concussion? Yep, sounds like an NFL move if you ask me.

What was, presumed to be, a typical/funny Jaguars kind of play has turned into something, well, absolutely scary for Pierce, the Jags and the NFL.

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