The 10 Best Fat Guy Touchdowns in Football History

by 5 years ago

Andre Smith

In 2006, Alabama found itself in the Independence Bowl. I know, hard to believe they ever stooped so low. With nothing to lose, they dialed up this clever little play to left tackle Smith. The brilliant call worked so well that the referee’s initially thought it was illegal. The penalty flag was waived off and Smith celebrated with a giant hot reuben topped with ALL the fixings.

Junior Louissaint

This 63-yard fumble thing helped Troy upset Missouri in 2004. You literally have never seen this work before and you’ll likely never see it work ever again. 

Domata Peko

I was standing by the pylon when thie Michigan State nose tackle and his hair leapt into the end zone. The earth shook. Visually,this one is hard to beat but it should be noted Michigan eventually won. 

William “Refrigerator” Perry

Mike Ditka took out Walter Payton to give the Ultimate Fat Guy a Fuck You touchdown in Super Bowl XX. It worked.

Mike Patterson

Who is Mike Patterson? Well, he once did this for the Eagles.


Austin Wentworth

A newbie, but a goodie. Fresno State pulled of this bit of chicanery earlier this year. The play was so well-devised that I have no idea how an opposing team could have stopped it.

This Created Player on Madden 10

This is such a shitty thing to put on YouTube. It couldn’t go unnoticed.

Mike Atkinson

You might think this doesn’t qualify as a Fat Guy Touchdown but you’d be wrong. Boise State’s blue turf is just very slimming. 

David Pollack

Yeah, he wasn’t as emaciated when he starred for Georgia. This is some efficient FGT-ing. 

Billy Bob

Have you guys seen this guy lately? It’s pretty alarming what happened to him. 

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