It Turns Out That I Play Golf With The Worst, And Maybe Best, Dresser On The Planet


With a weak NBA and college basketball board tonight, I figured today would be a good day to rank the ridiculousness of my good friend Joey Cold Cuts’ golf outfits. There’s something I respect in having enough pride to show up to a shitty public golf course in Los Angeles looking like Rickie Fowler at the Masters. Although he may be a 12 handicap, he is always going to show up looking like he is a scratch golfer regardless. To truly display my sense of appreciation for this passion, I decided to make and rank my Mount Rushmore of outfits this guy has shown up to the course wearing.

4. The Creamsicle

I had just finished my second Slim Jim from the clubhouse when I turned to find Joey Cold Cuts headed our way to the tee box looking like he was just released from prison. The nerve to wear a full orange outfit on a hot spring day in Los Angeles, California simply astounds me. A definite spot on my list for this outfit and something Harding Golf Course may never witness again.

3. Joey Stars & Stripes


Patrons of Rancho Park Golf Course might have felt they were at the Ryder Cup with this one. A true salute to the motherland the day he showed up dressed as The American Flag. One of the best rounds I have seen the man play that day, along with one of the best outfits. A sure thing for the No. 3 slot.

2.  The Dark Knight


Although these colors are not going to blow you away, the choice to wear this courtside at a Lakers game will. After receiving last-minute tickets after a round at The Los Angeles Country Club, Cold Cuts was forced to make the decision to forego the shower and come straight in the golf attire. Can you imagine what Jack Nicholson was thinking sitting across from this man for four quarters of a basketball game?

1. The Pink Panther


I think the No. 1 spot has to belong to this beauty of a fit. Playing the Pink Panther theme song while Joey looked for his ball that was hit 50 yards to the right of the fairway was truly special. A moment that had to leave spectators wondering, ‘where in the hell did this man find pink cargo pants?’

If you want more of this madness and to hear from the man himself, be sure and follow The Brilliantly Dumb Show podcast on Youtube and watch Joey Cold Cuts’ first guest debut on the show.