Bettor Makes Possibly The Worst Bet Of The Week On A Super Bowl Prop

Super Bowl contender Philadelphia Eagles' offesnive line

Getty Image / Tim Nwachukwu

It’s Super Bowl week, which means fans are going to hear about plenty of wild bets over the next few days.

There has already been a wager placed for a million dollars.

Fans are apparently wasting their money betting on an exact score for the game based on a Wikipedia post.

Now it looks like one fan has decided to throw their money away on a bet on who will walk away with the Super Bowl MVP.

Usually there is nothing wrong with betting on this prop, but this bettor in particular has decided to wager $130 on an offensive lineman winning the award at odds of 130-1.

For those wondering, no there hasn’t ever been an offensive lineman who won the Super Bowl MVP. In fact, there have only been 3 linemen of any kind to have ever won the award. A defensive tackle and a defensive end shared the award for the Cowboys after Super Bowl 12 and defensive end Richard Dent won it for the Bears at Super Bowl 20.

Unsurprisingly, quarterbacks have won the award more than anybody, having won 31 of the possible 56 MVPs. However,bthey’ve really taken over the award in recent years with quarterbacks having won 11 of the last 16.

The biggest problem with this bet is that it’s very difficult to see what the realistic path to winning the award is for an offensive lineman.

First of all, a good day for the offensive line tends to be a group effort, making it hard to pick out one player to give the award to.

More importantly, if either offensive line has a really good day on Sunday, that probably means that their quarterback will too.

That quarterback’s stats would likely be enough to win him the award over any offensive lineman.

Still, maybe this bettor will be able to beat the odds and cash on possibly the most unlikely ticket we’ll see this week.