Odds Shift Drastically Following The ‘Leaked Super Bowl Score’ Conspiracy Theory

A preview for Super Bowl LVII.

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NFL bettors are running with a recent conspiracy theory, and it’s having a major effect on the Vegas lines. Fans are believing a claim that the Super Bowl score has been leaked as they place wagers on the final outcome.

The supposed final score is now one of the most popular bets at the books.

The narrative of a scripted NFL season has taken the sports world by storm this postseason. It began with the championship round of the playoffs as many believed that the league had predetermined the teams it wanted to see in the Super Bowl.

That theory got legs with comments made by former running back Arian Foster, who jokingly confirmed the rumors.

Since, we’ve seen an unending supply of memes related to that alleged script as fans flood social media with reaction.

Claims from conspiracy theorists only grew louder when a score for the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Eagles and Chiefs was reportedly leaked. That final had Philadelphia winning the big game by a score of 37-34.

That supposed outcome has already had an enormous impact at the sportsbooks.

According to MGM betting analyst John Ewing, the 37-34 result is the most popular final score bet with the Super Bowl just days away. That action has shifted the odds from +25000 to +8000.

Fans were quick to react, posting online responses to the movement.

One person wrote, “The script is out,” before continuing on to say, “People really bought this.”

Another fan commented, “If people actually think this is real, they need to get checked.”

This fan might have the right idea, asking for a little more intel.

While this leak is completely fabricated, casual bettors are clearly running with the claim. If the Eagles do end up winning the game by a score of 37-34, we might actually see the bettors beat the books, which is a rarity on Super Bowl Sunday.