Conspiracy Theorists Claim Super Bowl Score Was Leaked, Larry Johnson Says NFL Messed Up Its ‘Script’

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If the display at a Mitchell & Ness store that you see in the photo above, taken on Feb. 4, is any indication, it will be the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVI on Feb. 12.

Of course, that’s only if you believe in conspiracy theories.

Which, amazingly, a whole lot of people do.

For you see, the NFL has a serious “rigged” problem on its hands, especially after this year’s AFC Championship Game.

The problem was only made worse when former NFL running back Arian Foster “admitted” that he followed a “script” when he played.

Of course, he was kidding. (Or was he, conspiracy theorists?)

Adding even more fuel to the NFL conspiracy fire, over the weekend, someone on Twitter posted an image where they claimed Pro Football Reference leaked the score of the upcoming Eagles vs. Chiefs Super Bowl.

“They have been known to do this in the past and have actually been taken down on multiple occasions for leaking correct scores,” one fan wrote.

Not everyone was buying it. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own conspiracy theories.

“If this is how it actually ends we all become XFL or USFL fans,” someone else tweeted.

So who should we believe? Does the NFL want the Chiefs to win or the Eagles? Help us out here, conspiracy theorists!

According to the always level headed former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson, it wasn’t even supposed to be the Eagles and Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII.

β€œThey really went from having the great black hope Damar Hamlin playing the Super Bowl with a great Buffalo team that finally gets to go against the Dallas Cowboys, bringing back the whole 90s rivalry,” Johnson said in a recent Instagram video.

“And Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones being called out for his racial picture back in the Civil Rights Movement during Black History Month on the 33rd They really gave all that up. Around all this racist imagery with Tyre Nichols, they gave all that up to settle for Andy Reid going against his former team and the Kelce brothers and Patrick Mahomes in State Farm being a State Farm agent, or ambassador.”

“You figured it out. Not only you but many others. You think they’re not watching? I’m sure you know they’re watching. They had to rewrite the script,” one fan responded.

Good luck betting on the outcome of this game, folks.

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