Big 12 Aims To Go Global After Revealing Plans To Play Sports Internationally

Big 12 Conference logo

Getty Image / Peter G. Aiken

With American pro sports leagues seemingly trying to go global, it appears the college level may be attempting to do the same.

We’ve seen the NFL play games in Mexico, England, and even Germany with plans to continue expanding its reach.

The league has received a ton of exposure, which is only a good thing for the sport.

Now, it sounds like the Big 12 Conference has its sights on playing sports internationally as well.

According to The Houston Chronicle, “the Big 12 is exploring basketball and football games in Mexico.”

Additionally, the plan is to play both sports in Mexico by the 2024-2025 season.

This is a rather unique situation for college sports. Games are played in neutral sites all of the time. However, never have they been played in another country.

“The Steel Giant” seats 51,000 people and also has an additional 324 suits. Could you imagine a Big 12 football game with that many people in attendance?

That would surely be a sight to see. Big 12 commissioner, Brett Yormark credits the NBA and NFL for playing international games in Mexico and wants to do the same for his conference, per Front Office Sports.

According to a source, “Mexico is a natural extension for the Big 12. The commissioner has seen the success the NBA, NFL, and professional leagues have had building their brands in Mexico and plans to replicate that.”

If all goes well then we should expect to see more conferences follow suit. If not, at least the Big 12 gave it a shot.

We’ll see how it plays out, but college sports are potentially on their way to becoming a global brand.