Big Papi Tells The Media He’s A “Bad Mother F*cker” After Hitting A Walk-Off In The 11th

Are you allowed to retire after playing this well in your final season? I feel like you should be contractually obligated to play at least another season or two just to be sure that it wasn’t a fluke or at least until you overstay your welcome like regular athletes do.

Big Papi has been playing steroids-level well this year, which makes me think that maybe he’s back on the juice. Regardless, I’m not complaining, because there are not many people playing as hot as Papi is this season. Take yesterday’s game, where he had an in-the-park homer during the 3rd, a game-tying hit in the 9th and a game-winning homer in the 11th. Champagne for everyone. Papi’s becoming like Oprah. “You get a homer and you get a homer and you get a homer.” Whether or not I’m right in that regard is up to you, but there’s no question that Papi is becoming a demolitions expert with all the bombs he’s dropping. Because, like he said, “I’m a badmotherfucker.”