Big Ten Reportedly Targeting October 10th Start Date For Football Following Talks With President Trump

big ten football october 10

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Good grief have things changed since the Big Ten’s initial announcement on August 11 that football, and other fall sports, would be postponed to 2021.

In the three or so weeks since its bombshell news, the conference has received pushback from a huge majority of people including coaches within the conference, parents of student-athletes, and players themselves. Eight Nebraska players have even filed a lawsuit against the Big Ten. The latest person to get involved is President Donald Trump as he shared on Tuesday that he had a “very productive conversation” with Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren about starting football up this fall.

Now, based on Dan Patrick’s latest report, it seems like that conversation with the President may have had a real effect.

Patrick and his sources were among the first to report that the Big Ten and PAC-12 would be canceling football this fall and the latest out of the group is that October 10 is a start date the Big Ten is circling to start its season.

Three weeks ago the Big Ten was totally against playing football this fall, but now, with other Power Five conferences managing to make it work and the President himself joining the conversation we could see Big Ten football in about five weeks.

If you thought the Big Ten was the butt-end of every college football joke on Twitter already, just wait if it actually does decide to play football starting October 10.

College football, there truly isn’t anything quite like it.

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