Nebraska Football Players File Lawsuit Against Big Ten Over Canceled Season

nebraska football players lawsuit against big ten

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While Big Ten football parents have been doing their best to have their voices heard and questions answered regarding the conference’s decision to cancel football this fall, players themselves are joining the cause with legal action.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, eight Nebraska football players filed a lawsuit against the Big Ten seeking reversals of its decision to postpone the fall sports season. The players also want greater clarity as to how the Big Ten arrived at the conclusion to cancel football this fall.

The players’ attorney, Mike Flood, said the lawsuit “isn’t about money or damages, it’s about real-life relief.” Nebraska student-athletes followed every precaution and protocol as laid out by the University of Nebraska Medical Center with the expectation of playing football this fall. An “arbitrary and capricious” decision takes away that opportunity, he said.

“Our Clients want to know whether there was a vote and the details of any vote, and whether the Big Ten followed its own rules in reaching its decision,” Flood said.

In the obtained 13-page document, the lawsuit raises three counts against the Big Ten: wrongful interference with business expectations, breach of contract, and declaratory judgment.

While eight college football players filing a lawsuit against a powerhouse like the Big Ten may not seem like much, this is pretty unprecedented territory during an unprecedented time. As of right now, the Big Ten is still looking at playing football in the spring and has moved past the idea of playing football this fall despite the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 all moving forward with their seasons.

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